Chemical tank washing services in Pietarsaari

We keep our own and other’s chemical tanker trucks clean! Transport company H&T Liimatainen Oy provides versatile chemical tank washing services in Pietarsaari. Our services include both washing the interiors of tanks as well as the exteriors of tanker trucks. Additionally, we are specialised in the challenging cleaning of ADR tanks, which are intended for the transport of hazardous materials. Contact us to find out more!

Full service wash

We have a new wash facility in use for washing chemical tanks, in which we perform the washing of tanker trucks carefully and quickly. It is easy to bring a tanker truck into the drive-through hall: the length of the hall is 30m, and it is 9m wide and 6m tall. Indeed, safety and fine-tuned execution are important in cleaning different tanker trucks.

The chemical tanks are washed with pressure washing equipment (40l/min/ unit), of which we have three. We can also provide a hot water wash. All the cleaning agents that we use are environmentally friendly, and we use a chemical recovery and neutralisation system.

In addition to washing tanker trucks, we also take care of their drivers. Drivers can shower, sauna, and freshen up in our facilities while their tanks and trucks are being washed.

Reserve a wash for a tanker truck 

As professionals in the business of transporting hazardous materials, we know how important it is that chemical tanks are washed as agreed, and according to the provided instructions. Bring your truck to us for a wash. We provide chemical tank washing with solid professionalism in Pietarsaari.

  • Contact/wash reservations: 040 527 1354
  • Address: Storgårdinkatu 2, 68800 Kolppi
  • Connections: The wash facility has good transportation connections, 500m from route E8.
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