Safe ADR Transport Equipment

Hauliers H&T Liimatainen Oy delivers safely on all occasions. Chemical and ADR haulages are operated by professionals conveniently at scheduled times. Our transport equipment includes 14 combination vehicles suitable for the transportation of liquid chemicals, so with our help you are guaranteed to get your haul delivered to the destination as agreed. Contact the ADR transport professionals!

Modern and Functional on the Road

We maintain and renew our tankers regularly to ensure safe transport. After all, the main thing in our work is safety. The average age of our tankers is about four years, so the haul will be secure.

Versatile Liquid Tank Haulage

Our tankers are suitable to transport a wide range of liquids; we transport, for example: caustic sodas, acids, glues, starch slurries, fillers, solvents, oils, flammable liquids and special chemicals further processed by the chemical industry.

Some of our tankers are equipped with stirrers allowing the haulage of subsiding products.

Contact us - we'll be happy to tell you more about the process of ADR transportation!

Hauliers H&T Liimatainen Oy transport dangerous substances according to the customers’ needs. We operate extensively in Finland, but we also transport into other Nordic countries.

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