H&T Liimatainen Oy, Hauliers of Dangerous Substances

Hauliers H&T Liimatainen Oy was founded in 1952. Tank transportation of dangerous goods was launched in 1962. The overall precision and carefully executed assignments have resulted in the company steadily increasing its fleet, and today this transportation company employs 23 professionals in the transport sector. Leave the transportation of dangerous substances in the hands of professionals; contact us for more information.

vaarallisten aineiden kuljetus

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What does safety mean for us?

Quality Policy
Reliable and continuously improving operations for the benefit of our customers.

Road Safety Policy
We guarantee a safe traffic environment for our haulage.

Safety Policy
We maintain and improve safety and the working environment.

Environmental Policy 
By improving operations and equipment, we reduce the burden on the environment.

You can get more information about our Operating Policy by asking, or we can send you more information on request.